Crédit Foncier provides for transactions up 4% in 2017

According to the estimates announced on 27 June by the issuing bank, the Credit Foncier, the real estate market in the former is expected to save nearly 880.000 transactions this year, an increase of 4 % compared to 2016. The real estate market in the former is expected to save nearly 880.000 transactions in 2017, […]

Creation of a chair of «design the Grand Paris»

The School of Urban planning of Paris and the five public bodies involved in the operational planning grand paris announced on 26 June 2017, the creation of a chair of «design the Grand Paris». Check out their missions. Noting that the «practice of development are changing significantly and very rapidly on the occasion of the […]

30% of the ile-de-france that are build, are outside the Ile-de-France

In a barometer made with Caron Marketing, Domexpo reports that 30% of the ile-de-france who were made to build a house, have made it out of Paris. With on the podium, the departments bordering on, the Atlantic coast, and Mediterranean. The finding is without appeal. By 2016, 30% of the ile-de-france, have built a house, […]

The first stone of the building FLI Saclay has been asked

The future building that must accommodate two physics laboratories of the university Paris-Sud/CNRS) and the Institut Pascal is now in the construction phase. The opening is planned for 2018. The urban campus Paris-Saclay continues to evolve. The building-designed by architects Brenac & Gonzalez, selected in 2014, will spring up from the ground : the first […]

The CNOA called «the cultural responsibility of social landlords»

REACTION. Opposite to the architects, the ESH was informed, on Friday, 23rd June 2017, Batiactu its intention to support an amendment simplifying this obligation. An approach to respond the president of the national Order of architects, Catherine Jacquot. The procedure of selecting an architect by competition, recorded in the framework of the law on the […]

Fire of the Grenfell Tower : countless implications for the towers

CONSEQUENCES. Not less than 600 high-rise apartments must be inspected in addition to the Channel, following the fire slayer out of the Grenfell Tower in London. Sixty buildings are already non-compliant, and some were evacuated pre-emptively to work on their facades. The companies involved in the renovation of the tower was ravaged are also impacted […]

Schüco takes on the challenge of innovation

Window that participates in the double-flow ventilation system, delaying the breaking or stopping the progression of the flames, entrance door connected… The German group, specializing in aluminum joinery and PVC, will present numerous innovations at the Batimat trade fair, which will be held in November. Discovery of the major trends of innovation with Jacques Llados, […]

Replacing windows can achieve a quarter of the savings targets

After the attic and the walls, the insulation of the doors and windows should be a priority during works for the thermal improvement of housing. According to the study of energy efficiency conducted by Pouget Consultants for the account of the Pole for the Window of the FFB, the replacement of old windows with high-performance […]

The Catacombs will offer a new outlet soothing and bright

IMAGES. From April 2017, the output of the catacombs of Paris, in the Fourteenth arrondissement of Paris, has changed. The exit door of the historic site has been redesigned to allow visitors to keep their minds in sweetness. Discovery. This is a new experience that can live to the visitors of the catacombs of Paris. […]

A swimming pool organic as a river in his garden

In the heart of the Pyrenees-Orientales, Palau-del-Vire, a swimming pool