The figures of the swimming pool in France

How many y-a-t-he pool in France ? Where is there in the world ? How many swimming pools have been ordered and delivered ? Answers. On the occasion of the next living Pool and Well-being*, the Federation of Professionals of the swimming Pool and the spa has just published the barometer 2017 France and its […]

An artificial island to save lake Chad ?

Reduced to a tenth of its surface pristine, the lake Chad is dying in Africa. An architect in cameroon has, therefore, devised a system to save it and to allow its millions of residents to survive with him. Discovery. Between the 1960s and the beginning of the years 2000, lake Chad, the real lung of […]

Auto-entrepreneurs : the doubling of the ceiling of turnover divided

REACTIONS. The economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has announced the doubling of the ceiling of turnover for micro-entrepreneurs, the new name of the auto-entrepreneurs, a commitment of the president Macron. A decision criticised by the CPME, but welcomed by the Union of auto-entrepreneurs. “We keep our commitments”, says the minister of economy, Bruno Le Maire. […]

The energy ombudsman dissatisfied with the catch-up billing

DEFENCE OF THE CONSUMER. One year after the entry into force of the prohibition of catch-up billing going back more than 14 months of consumption, the national ombudsman of energy notes that the law is still not respected by the suppliers. An abnormal situation that penalizes some customers. In August 2016, the national ombudsman of […]