Zurich adopts a eco-friendly giant called “Greencity”

SERIE. This summer Batiactu you to discover eco-districts out of France. Fifth and last part with “Greencity” in the south of Zurich, which symbolizes the ongoing transformation of a former industrial site into a neighborhood with eight residential buildings, three office buildings, a school and a hotel… is expected to be delivered in 2020.
Continuation and end of our series, in Switzerland, on the “eco-neighbourhoods last generation”, in the direction of the district, “Greencity”, under construction in the south of Zurich. On a plot of 8 hectares of the former industrial area Sihl-Manegg, “Greencity” worn by Losinger Marazzi -the swiss subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, which this year celebrates its 100 years of existence – is taking shape. The project is huge : it represents a total investment volume – including land – of nearly 797 million euros.
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Eight residential buildings, with a surface total of 85.400 m2


Here, in Zurich, the city is committed, as early as 2004, through the signing of an agreement for the development of the site “Manegg” with investors* in favour of the diversity within this eco-district. Include, by 2020, eight residential buildings, with a surface total of 85.400 m2, a school as well as three office buildings of 55,000 m2, in a hotel, and approximately 6.600 m2 of shops.


235 housing so-called “cooperative,” included in the program


Other highlights : the program consists of 235 housing units in so-called “cooperative housing”. “It is not, in Switzerland, social housing, or HLMS, strictly speaking, we can explain at Losinger Marazzi. The co-operative housing organizations are non-profit, with the objective to provide housing at the best price, in general primarily, or even exclusively to its members. Has Greencity, the inhabitants of these dwellings so-called co-operative are therefore members of the housing co-op and engage in this community for the district life, to the image of the concierge or the management of the common rooms.” In the end, it is a form of intermediate habitat between the rental classic, and ownership : the cooperative housing corporation is the owner of the building and assumes responsibility for it ; its inhabitants, who are called “cooperators” are not tenants but they are involved in decisions and elect the board of directors, we report t-on.


*The investors in the project Greencity, Zurich Basler Versicherungen/Leben ; Bricks Immobilien ; GBMZ ; GEHO ; city of Zurich ; SwissLife; SWKS; WOGENO
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Rediscover the “eco-neighbourhoods latest generation of” designed in Switzerland that we have already presented this summer.
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