Work in the presence of asbestos : the Fedene gives 19 operating modes

The Federation services energy environment (Fedene) has nineteen cards, to businesses for energy efficiency and renewable heat to help meet regulatory requirements in terms of work in the presence of asbestos.
Protect the employees of companies that specialize in energy efficiency during work in the presence of asbestos : it is the purpose of nineteen fact sheets recently published by the Fédération des services-energy-environment (Fedene). A work completed nearly four years after the signing of a partnership agreement of the Fedene with the Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés (Cnam-TS), the Institute of research and safety (INRS) and the ministry of Labour.


Cover the interventions that are most frequently encountered by the profession


Regulations 2012 asbestos requires those companies to protect the employees who are involved in sub-section 4, in other words, when speaking in the presence of materials that may release fibres. The Fedene has selected 19 transactions generic, in order to “cover the interventions that are most frequently encountered by the profession”, one can read in a press release drafted by the organization. “Each operating mode includes topics type with check boxes (nature of the intervention, the materials concerned, the level of dust control, methods of work, records of post office…).”


Among the nineteen sheets, for example, “Replacement of a cord of asbestos on a door of a boiler”, “Dismantling of elements of false ceilings containing asbestos,” or “chimney Sweeping on a pipe made of fibre cement”. This work was carried out by a working group on security, formed by the Fedene and comprised of experts in the prevention of occupational risks.

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