Work embedded : what the law says

PRACTICAL SHEET. The amending order on the work-board was published on the 11th may 2017 in the Official Journal. Who is concerned ? That specifies the text ? When does it go into effect ? Answers.
In the framework of the act CAP, the decree 2017-919précise the fields of application of the obligation of completion of the works, thermal insulation on the occasion of a wholesale renovation of the buildings. The first version of the decree had raised the ire of the defenders of the heritage. The version rewritten this decree was finally published on 10 may 2017 in the Official Journal.
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Who is concerned ?

The builders of both public and private, architects, contractors, design offices, individuals, businesses, artisans.


What says the text ?


According to the Art. R. 131-28-7, when a building is the object of the work of cleaning important bearing on the walls of heated rooms overlooking the outside and formed on the surface to more than 50 %, excluding the openings, terra-cotta, concrete, cement, or metal, the master of the work carried out on the walls concerned of the work of thermal insulation conforming to the technical requirements set in application of article R. 131-28.


The decree specifies : “it shall be considered as work of cleaning important all the work of renovation including the rehabilitation of coating existing, the replacement of siding on existing or the establishment of a new siding, on at least 50 % of a wall of a building, excluding openings”.


The text specifies, finally, that the buildings had received “the Label’s Contemporary Architecture Remarkable” are excluded from the scope of the decree.
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When does it go into effect ?

On July 1, 2017


Reaction of Catherine Jacquot, President of the CNOA
Although she has worked for the amendment of this text, Catherine Jacquot, nevertheless, remains “undecided on this decree“. “A technical definition should not be included in a regulatory document“, she said adding “this is not a procedure suitable”. It recognizes, however, that“a part of the new decree improves the situation of a part of the heritage“.

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