Work dissimilé : prison farm for the boss of a company in the CONSTRUCTION industry

The Court of Créteil has convicted a contractor of the CONSTRUCTION to 30 months in prison, a 50,000 euros fine and a lifetime ban from managing a company, to work dissimilé. Of the 181 people working for his company, only 10 were declared. Details.
The boss of a CONSTRUCTION company, based in the Val-de-Marne, has been sentenced by the Court of Créteil has two and a half years in prison and 50,000 euros fine for illegal labour, reveal the AFP and le Parisien. The sentence, pronounced on the 27th April by the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil, banned him for life from managing a company. The award is heavy and for good reason. The man said that ten employees on the 181 that he had hired. This condemnation is not his first. The daily reminds that this man, 62-year-old had already been convicted for the same facts in 2013 by the Court of Versailles.


In total, the amount of undeclared wages amounted to € 1.2 million, over a period from January 2014 to July 2015, and the prejudice to the Urssaf amounted to 720,000 euros, according to a justice source cited by the AFP. This is a report in 2015 to Tracfin, the cell’s anti-money laundering of the ministry of the Economy, which put an end to the activities of the head of the company. “He had big input of money, about 3.6 million euros for the year 2014, but emitted a lot of little checks, less than 2,500 euros“, explained the source of justice.


The investigators of the Brigade of repression of crime against the person (BRDP) have discovered that”it had diverted more than 100,000 euros inaccounts of his company and donated over 165,000 euros to companies “that had nothing to do with the building sector, including companies fruits and vegetables, “said the justice source. The man has appealed his conviction.

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