Work detached, hardness, RSI… heavy files await Muriel Pénicaud

APPOINTMENT. Muriel Pénicaud has been named on Wednesday 17 may, the minister of Labour. Its mission will be of importance because it is expected on issues sensitive such as the revision of the labour code, the work is detached, the account painfulness…
It is, therefore, Muriel Pénicaud, which replaces Myriam El Khomri to the ministry of Labour. This new face of the government by Emmanuel Macron comes from the world of civil society and is well versed in the world of work, as she has been human Resources director of the Danone group. It comes, therefore, to leave his post as director-general of Business France, institution to accompany French companies to the assault of the markets exporters and attracting foreign groups to invest and create jobs in France, to enter the Government.


His arrival in this department is not a first for Muriel Pénicaud, since she was the advisor for the formation of Martine Aubry, from 1991 to 1993, when she was minister of Labour.


All this knowledge and experience will be useful for addressing the many issues sensitive that await. Start with the reform of the labour code or in the folder of the illegal work, and work posted. Other equally important subjects will be treated : the account painfulness, the discussions on unemployment insurance, vocational training, reduction of unemployment, and perhaps also the situation in the IHR.

The reactions

Reactions to his appointment were not slow. If organizations cater rather well to this appointment, other as the U2P and the APCMA are surprised by the absence of the crafts in this government.


In a press release, the CPME says “takenote of the composition of the government and wish him great success“, adding that “it is at the foot of the wall that one sees the mason“. The organization states that, “business leaders now want as quickly materialize the desire for reform expressed during the campaign”. She also recalls :”in The first rank of priorities are the reform of the labour code, the IHR, as well as the simplification of the rules and standards that hinder the initiative. It is also urgent to regain some of the issues such as the prevention of the hardness or the withholding at the source, and this with a read-pragmatic and realistic“.


The world of the craft, meanwhile, feels forgotten. According to the press release by the APCMA, the craft is the Great absent of the government Philippe”. Bernard Stalter, president of the permanent Assembly of chambers of trades and crafts regrets as to “the time when France and, especially, businesses need a strong signal”, that “no minister of the craft” not named.”


Same feeling expressed on the part of the U2P who “was surprised not to see any ministerial portfolio refer to the priorities of the businesses it represents yet put forward by Emmanuel Macron upstream of the presidential election“. Alain Griset, President of the U2P, adds : “We were pleased to hear the candidates stressed during the campaign the importance of the craftsmen, tradesmen and liberal professionals. We now ask the executive to join the acts to the discourse, as the Head of State comes to make in relation to the posted workers.”

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