Work : a new contract from litigation ? What do you think ?

WORD OF READERS. Should you create a new contract to fight the disputes work ? The question you arrested and you have been many to respond. For or against, here is your point of view.
At the conclusion of its investigation into the disputes in the field of work, the CLCV has issued a series of proposals including one that would create a new type of contract to protect consumers further (read our article). A measure which Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb, is opposed, fearing that this will not be including a load of extra work. And many of you have to deliver your point of view on the issue. Francis-Breaking asked : “That is what we sell to the customer ? A work or administrative work ?“. A new administrative task will lengthen his days. He quips : “it will take half a day to do the job and a day for the rest. Not beautiful the life ?“.


The pros and cons


You are more to remember, as did the president of Capeb, that there are already documents specifying different terms and conditions of the project. “The quote of the craftsmen are honest and qualified, are largely pretty self-explanatory, “writes Frédéric Fontaine. And Jean-Michel Rineau added that “of course the quote should be well-detailed“.


Conversely, some of you see merit in the creation of a new contract. It is an “interesting idea“, wrote L. G, which estimates that at least consumer as a craftsman “would be protected and in the same way.”


The good and the “bad” artisans


In your comments, you point also to point out the “bad” professionals and report sometimes the lack of qualification. “The quality of the company is not the reflection of the quote, “remarked Dominique Grivaux. According to him, “the problem is in the ability to mount a construction company without experience after a minimum training and a course which in our days has no value“.


Yes, it is necessary to regulate the profession“, responds Jean-Claude APC2E-Ayrault, who adds : “it is necessary to put a bit of order, in the manner of granting the creation of a business ; distrust in front of those who know how to do everything from the foundations up to the chimney of the fireplace (the van does not have enough surface to display the list!)“. For Loris Moradkhan, “a contract does not correct the defects“. It is necessary “tostop to save anyone, chambers of commerce, “he wrote. According to him, it must have a minimum of diploma to be eligible for the creation of the business.
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Verify the qualifications

You are also several to remind individuals of the importance of verifying the qualifications of the business before you sign a contract. “If the clients did not automatically the least expensive, but were a little more attention to skills, to guarantee that can offer a craftsman, there would probably less problems, “writes Valerie Augot. She continues : “It is necessary that the client stops taking the first came, there are lists of craftsmen skilled at their disposal.”


Finally, as a consumer who uses many times to professionals, Serge Mouret says : “I have found that often the main culprit in most of the cases, it is the consumer. Indeed, rare are those that verify the creditworthiness, the skills and the age of the professionals that they work. All of this is amplified by the internet and by the fact that many customers buy a price, and not a benefit“.

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