Wood dust : the OPPBTP and the FCBA sign a partnership

RISK PROFESSIONALS. The OPPBTP and the FCBA have entered into an agreement to conduct a study to assist companies in the field of wood-construction and furnishings to minimize the exposure of employees to wood dust.
Propobois. Here is the name of the study that will put on your feet the professional Organization of prevention in the CONSTRUCTION industry (OPPBTP) and the technological Institute for forest cellulose wood construction ameublement (FCBA). The two organizations have signed a partnership agreement, on June 26, 2017.


This work will be conducted over eighteen months, with in-line-of-sight several objectives, including defining “exposure groups homogeneous”, depending on the activities of the companies, using of measuring devices, optical and gravimetric measurements of the level of dust control, to confirm the reliability of the device for optical reading and studying the feasibility of a system of monitoring and warning of malfunction. A methodological guide to risk self-assessment will also be produced, allowing the actors to strengthen their approaches, progress and the reduction of the risk of exposure.


The analyses will take place in eight volunteer companies in the sector of wood-construction and furnishings representative of the profession and have undertaken an approach of prevention exemplary vis-à-vis the risk of wood dust.

Help companies adapt to the regulatory


“The FCBA has over twenty years for the reduction of the exposure of employees to wood dust of wood”, explains Gérard Deroubaix, director of the centre Environment, Economy and Bio-resources in the FCBA. “This new collaboration is an important step in the work carried out on this issue. The project Propobois allows us to combine our skills and multiplying the case-study approach and a better appreciation of the difficulties of adaptation of enterprises to changes in the regulations.”


The collaboration between the OPPBTP and the FCBA has been initiated in the framework of the convention “wood Dust” (2012/2015) signed with the ministry of labour, INRS, CNAMTS, and the professional organisations of the sectors wood and furniture. It focused on the prevention of the carcinogenic risk related to exposure to wood dust in the companies in these sectors. The two organizations now want to extend this partnership.

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