Windows connected, how does it work ?

Automatic ventilation, control closing windows, or presence simulation in the case of departure on vacation, the technology prompt in windows. Invisible to the naked eye, home automation allows you to ensure the safety and comfort of the consumers. Overview of the innovations.
“In 2015, the market of the connected home has generated 46,97 billions of dollars of turnover around the world and is expected to reach $ 121 billion by 2022. The penetration rate in the world in the homes should, meanwhile, amount to 12.4% in 2022″, evokes Netatmo, a company specializing in the connectivity of the home. With such numbers, it is easy to imagine all the interest to innovate on the equipment of the house. The constant evolution of technology has pushed a number of brands to launch into the home automation. And in the area of the house, specialists of the windows do not escape the rule.


Invisible to consumers, home automation integrates directly into the windows. The device, Tahoma from Somfy offers a principle similar to a box Internet. By installing it, it becomes possible for the occupants to control their home on the finger and the eye. The company Janneau, specialist in windows and openings, is a partner of Somfy. It integrates in the sleeping beauty and the opening of the carpentry is a home automation system. Also, most manufacturers opt for similar devices, at once invisible and, therefore, aesthetic.


A window that obeys the finger and the eye


Among the proposed actions : automatically adapt the movement of the openings according to the curve of the sun. The user can also schedule the closing of the shutters in case of rain or thunderstorms, for example. And it can control its devices from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone thanks to a free application.


For example, if you opt for an installation carried out by Janneau, you will be able to manage the open or closed position of your window, enable the closing of the shutters. These are only two examples among a wide range of options.


Energy savings the key


At Grosfillex, we also work with Somfy. The company has a PVC joinery that incorporates a new opening sensor invisible. It offers many advantages particularly in case of attempted intrusion through the window connected, an alarm system and sirens started. The window smart also allows you to make energy savings, in fact, when the system detects a current of air, it automatically switches off the heating. All of this being, of course, customizable according to the needs of each individual.


The program “with Netatmo”, launched by the company of the same name, offers partnerships with the construction industry such as Legrand or VELUX. “The connected home becomes a tangible reality. The platforms of interoperability as HomeKit, Apple’s or Amazon’s Alexa still contribute to accelerate the market growth of the connected home. The next step is the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the infrastructure of the home in order to propose new uses to consumers”, mentioned in a press release, Fred Potter, president and founder of Netatmo.


Scenarios to mimic human activity


Céliane and VELUX Active are the first two programs launched by the company. The first one allows you to manage the lighting, roller shutters and the electric devices of the home using a centralized command at the entrance of the home or through a smartphone. Note : it is possible to install this equipment in a new building or renovated.


The second is based on a range of roof windows, shutters, or blinds smart. Using automatic adjustments, such as light, temperature, humidity or air quality, the program adapts and provides optimum comfort to the occupants. “The offer VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo fits all models of roof windows motorized, including those already installed”, says the company.


VELUX offers scenarios. The program “alarm clock” allows you to trigger an automatic opening of the shutters and to ensure a daily ventilation of your rooms. The program “vacation” simulates the presence of the users by managing the stores and the lighting in function of the habits of the occupants. “My departure” closes, in a single gesture, the windows and switched off lights and sockets in order to avoid disappointments to the back of the weekend, for example.


In the end, a good number of manufacturers establish partnerships with companies of home automation in order to make the house ever more intelligent.

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