Who is Michèle Pappalardo, the director of cabinet of Nicolas Hulot ?

The official Journal of may 23, 2017 issued the decree of appointment of the director of the office of the new minister of the ecological Transition, and solidarity. It is Michèle Pappalardo, a magistrate of 61-year-old, who has a long career in the field of the Environment. Biography express.
The director of cabinet of Nicolas Hulot, the new minister of the Transition, ecological and solidarity-based, ministry that takes over the prerogatives of the ministry of the Environment and sustainable Development, is far from being a novice. Michèle Pappalardo, a magistrate of the Court of Auditors, already has a busy career in the ministries and services of the State.


Holder of a degree in economic sciences, she is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and ENA, she has for class mates, François Goulard (former deputy minister of higher Education and Research, and secretary of State for Transport) and Philippe Crouzet, chairman of the executive board of Vallourec. In 1993, it becomes (already) the director of cabinet in the ministry of the Environment, Michel Barnier, at which time it would have made the acquaintance of Nicolas Hulot, before taking the head of France 2 between 1996 and 1999. Michèle Pappalardo is then named as president of the Ademe, in 2003, a post she will occupy for five years. In 2008, she became the first Commissioner-general for sustainable development within the ministry of Ecology, Energy, sustainable Development and spatial Planning. It will be replaced in may 2011 by Dominique Dron.


Urban planning and sustainable development on his CV


In the month of may 2013, Michèle Pappalardo is named the “Backbone of a better life in the city” by Nicole Bricq, minister of foreign Trade, before becoming the coordinator of the network Vivapolis. The latter brings together the actors of the sustainable city. Most recently, in February 2017, it had been named chairperson of the development council of the metropolis of Grand Paris.


His skills and perfect knowledge of the functioning of ministries of the Republic will be indispensable to Nicolas Hulot, minister of State from, him, of the civil society. Another woman has been appointed to its sides : Anne Rubenstein, “chief of cabinet”. The latter was already in its functions to the ministry of Economy and Finance for a certain Emmanuel Macron.

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