When the painting allows you to capture, store and redistribute heat

New on the market of the painting, Bioactiv+ is a product launched and manufactured by the company breton, FranceInnov. The concept ? A coating thermo-regulating which is able to capture the heat, store it and redistribute it. This new painting can ensure the homogeneity of the thermal comfort in the dwelling. Decryption.
At the time of the energy saving and global warming, the temperature in the housing is at the heart of the concerns of professionals as users. In the Face of these concerns and these questions, the research and development division of the company breton FranceInnov leaned on a concept of painting thermo-régulante. More clearly, the coating Bioactiv+ can capture, store and redistribute heat. “With temperatures under control for a comfortable thermal homogeneous energy savings of up to 15%”, says the company behind the patented product.


A painting made from natural products


What is the composition of this coating ? Mainly natural products, some of which change of phase, integrated in the product by means of microcapsules invisible. According to the company, so it is a green paint with “VOC emissions are less than the current requirements”.


And its operation ? Based on the principle of thermal inertia, the product exploits the sources of heat natural. “Bioactiv + is not a substitute to heating or insulation, but it may allow gains in temperature up to 4 degrees, and improve the energy performance up to 15%”, explains the company.


FranceInnov also highlights the benefits for the professionals of the sector. According to them, the application of this paint is easy, the drying is fast and it is possible to apply another coating on top without any loss of effectiveness. There is a range both for the ground and for the walls.


A scale experiment


In order to validate the laboratory tests, the company has carried out a test in real situations in two apartments located in Vannes in the Morbihan. The methodology ? The application of Bioactiv+ in both slots the same. They are both 22m2, located on the 1st floor, they have a façade facing south with a mirrored arrangement. Inside, the composition of which is identical with a kitchen open to the living room, a bathroom with WC and a room in mezzanine open on the stay. The two units also feature a large window overlooking the south facade of the building.


In terms of equipment, they have both electric heating and a mechanical ventilation self-adjusting. To compare the efficacy of the product, experiments were conducted in summer and winter. The results were confronted with those statements in a flat cookie.


According to the results, “the coating Bioactiv+ allows during the day to reduce the peak temperature by one degree in the summer period. Conversely at night, the apartment features this painting displays a temperature of 24.5 degrees against a temperature of over 27 degrees recorded in the studio witness,” analysis FranceInnov.


Thanks to a thermal imaging camera, the surface temperatures of walls have revealed the effectiveness of the coating Bioactiv+. On the images, it is observed that Bioactiv+ transfers the heat to the hand on the wall while in the apartment witness with a classic painting, no transmission of heat takes place. According to the company, the benefit of the coating is threefold : increased comfort, reduced cooling costs and noise pollution reduced (the window can remain closed).


Another experiment was performed to test its product in a single house. According to the results “at the year a house not equipped with Bioactiv+ would consume approximately 36.288 kWh against 32.544 kWh for a house equipped with Bioactiv+, a saving of 3.744 kWh/year) and 561 euros per year”, ensures the company of brittany.


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