When the concrete plays the artists

IMAGES. Whether in the parks or zoos, decorations play an essential role to immerse the viewer into a particular universe. Find out how they are manufactured.
Do you know what is the common point between the Beauval Zoo, le Puy du fou and Lascaux 4 ? Of course, these are recreational facilities but this is not it. The common point between these parks, it is the concrete a little special. The school holidays have just started and may be will you go in one of these sites. At the end of this article, you do watch not in the same way.
All of these places are willing to transport the visitor into a different world. To achieve this, a French company, created in 1989, is specialized in the sets of some individuals. Latest achievement of the Artistic Workshop of Concrete (AAB), the Land of the lions at the Zoo of Beauval. More than 4,000 m2 of decorative reconstituted stone have been created to give the impression to visitors of being in a savannah landscape with its rocks, caves and giant baobabs.


But how these sets are made ? Nicolas Feldkircher, leader of AAB, explains that the origin of all these projects, its clients come with an idea of attraction, “then we do studies, and to design models to get the account volume”. And then, this is the time of the construction of sets, “which is always very tight,” he insists, because the company comes in last on the site. “Punctuality is our strength”, welcomes, moreover, the head of the enterprise for which the “responsiveness and agility” are critical.


And for cause, the company, leader in France and on the european market, working on-site only “to be very precise,” explains Nicolas Feldkircher. “Making prefabrication would take us too long”. In the case of the zoo of Beauval and its Land of the lions, the teams of sculptors constructed the decor in just 3 months. To get there, up to 35 people worked simultaneously.
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