When the building is inspired by the comedians

THE GUNS CULTS. That tough love, says the proverb. And when it comes to talking about construction or real estate, the clubs will give heart to joy. Here is a taste of skits in which the actors of the building and property are rhabillés for the winter.
In this summer period, we offer a “light” topic. This year has been marked by many subjects not always very funny for our sector. And if you forgot this to mention funny stories ? And we can say that the building sector has been an inspiration for several years in the comedy clubs. Is this an anecdote, or a figment of their imagination, or just a little bit of both ? Do the round-up of skits dedicated to our sector.


The construction and construction site meetings


Let’s start by Muriel Robin. Who doesn’t know his mythical meeting site ? There are many trades that are écharpés : the construction manager which does not have large-thing, the plaquiste that mount the partitions anywhere (except where it is necessary), the layer of windows that it suggests “do not ask windows that, when it looks on the outside“, the mason who has built a staircase with steps too high, the tiler who carrelle “too much“, the painter and his paint to the sponge, or rather “to the cow’s tail, “according to the comedian. Not forgetting the electrician who asks him to choose between “blow-dry or sono“, or the dealer who did the clearance of the hood in his closet. Here, only the architects are spared : “I said that we would have had to take an architect… I don’t know, a hunch...” she says at the beginning of his sketch, noting that “it’s moving, it’s moving forward… I think that we are further and further away from what I imagined at the outset“. Further, when it considers that : “it is heavy to manage and it is not up to me to do it“, whereas “it is the job of the architect“. But when she asks : “where is he him ? Ah yes, it’s true I didn’t take…” she laments, maybe.


Reviewing the video of Muriel Robin and the “crazy” meeting site


If Muriel Robin has not appealed to an architect, it is perhaps because the diy she knows, finally, if we are to believe these sketches. We’ll get to that later.


Elie Semoun known as “the maggot” and its construction manager Dieudonné


There are also Elie Semoun. In the 90s, he was known with Dieudonné for a scene between a construction manager and his second dubbed “the maggot“. Two professionals, not very clever, not very legit and downright racist. Because yes, at a time when the illegal work is at the heart of the concerns, this site-there does not seem to be very regulatory. A point that does not interfere with the site manager when he announces that “Mamoude is unfortunately deceased, “and who replies “these are things that happen on a construction site in 300 bricks, “adding,”anyway, I had been warned, we will still lose a fortnight. Should not expect less ! You don’t make omelettes without breaking eggs“.


Video The work of Elie Semoun and Dieudonné


Elie Semoun in the face of a craftsman unscrupulous


Another sketch of Elie Semoun, his meeting with a craftsman to whom he entrusts the work and who benefits from it well without seem to knowing all about it.


Video The work of Elie Semoun


The flag of Chevallier and Laspalès
The tower builders of individual homes to take for their degree with Chevallier and Laspalès. But can we talk about builders when it remains the floor, the roof to ask and the cellar and the garage to ask ? “This is the advantage of the house of mason : you do not pay much, but you know what you’ve got !” explains Laspalès to his accomplice, who responded immediately : “And the more you screw in and the more you see what you’ve got… “.
A skit from 1991 but still relevant. While the actors of the building are aware of the need of the changing spaces, the two friends were talking about it already in their own way.
Excerpt :
Laspalès : We, later, in our house, we will be able to add a room… if it was a dog… It is evolutionary…
Knight : ours, also, it evolves… It is in clayey ground, then it is sinking… When one moves inside, necessarily, must be vouter a little, but at the table, it goes on, it stands straight.
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