When luxury wants to rhyme with ecology

The first luxury hotel fully autonomous energy needs to open its doors in 2019 at the heart of Normandy. Discovery of this unique project with one of its creators, Frederic Houssay, co-founder of KM127.
In full nature, on a large plot of 45 hectares, is located in Normandy, a luxury hotel scheduled to open in early 2019. Peculiarity of the project : to be 100% self-sufficient in energy. In practical terms, how this is possible ? The future of hotel top of the range will be made up of 8 lodges which will be backed cubes that will store and distribute the energy and the water produced on the site, explains Frédéric Houssay, co-founder of KM127. All roofs will be equipped with solar panels connected to a smart grid, smart grid. “Each lodge will be talking about it, thanks to these cubes, and the energy will be managed according to the needs of each“, complete.


In the same way, “drinking water, after the evaporation of the soil, will be filtered and potabilisée before being distributed“. The water of health will be due to the typical recovery of rain water. For the needs that are not health, as the irrigation or the supply of the toilets, rain water from the roof will be collected and filtered.


We wanted to show that the marriage of luxury and ecology are not opposites“, wishes to emphasize Frédéric Houssay. This “technology-independent allows us to produce and distribute energy and water” in the hotel complex is proud to specify it. Thus, the entire structure will not be connected to the traditional network.


Objective : to obtain the label E+C-


Always in a spirit eco-friendly, the bias of this project is to construct buildings that structure and wooden cladding. “We also want to highlight the natural assets of the site“, adds the co-founder of the institution. In the winter, for example, the heating is in part provided by a wood boiler biomassse, using the local wood. This boiler will therefore compensate for the increase in energy requirements.


Hotel project luxury 100% self-sufficient in energy © KM127


The company also explains that “the siting of buildings will also be addressed with the precepts of bioclimatic architecture, particularly for what concerns the optimization of the natural lighting. Skylights and large windows allow the sunlight to diffuse into the lodges“. Special attention will also be paid to the choice of materials to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds. Km127 is also prohibits “the use of insulation materials, floor coverings or paintings, in which chemical compounds accumulate in our habitats so that they have a known toxicity“. The project managers are also intended to qualify as E+C-.

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