What are the new challenges in underground construction ?

Planning of underground spaces, new technologies for the construction of tunnels, resilience of cities to disasters or improving the quality of life of urban people. Check out the issues identified by professor Tarcisio Celestino, president of the international Association of tunnels and underground space, which will hold its congress in Bergen in Norway, in the month of June.
According to specialists of the question, the area of tunnels and underground construction should occupy the front of the stage in the next few years, all over (or under) the globe. This is not a coincidence that the United Nations make it an important focus of the international Strategy for disaster reduction. Professor Tarcisio Celestino, president of the international Association of tunnels and underground space, explains : “the excellent performance of The tunnels, compared to that of the transport infrastructure elevated, has been demonstrated on numerous occasions, such as during the earthquake of Loma Prieta in the San Francisco bay area in 1989“. For the supply of drinking water and energy, for the disposal of wastewater, or for transport, these books will be indispensable.

Reliability and speed of construction
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When asked about the possibilities offered by these infrastructures to combat the effects of the climatic upheaval and to limit the damage, professor Celestino replies : “The most obvious are increasing the capacity of the conveyance of storm water through the tunnels and creation of underground reservoirs to store the water during storms with floods“. The world expert cited the project in tokyo called “Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel” that protects the capital of japan thanks to huge silos flood connected by a network of large pipes of 6.4 km long. Other facilities already exist in Kuala Lumpur (“Storm Management and Road Tunnel”) or to Rotterdam. “In order to reduce the effects of droughts and to a better management, the role of reservoirs and tunnels that link it is obvious“, he insists. The specialist brazilian evokes another trend, that of improving the quality of life of urban spaces through the burial of certain infrastructures : “We are witnessing a growing awareness of the public regarding the benefits of the solutions in the underground“. He cites the case of Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, where a motorway tunnel has replaced a bridge which obstructed the view, and the one Post Office Square in downtown Boston.


The emergence of new technologies has made possible many advances, according to Tarcisio Celestino : “In terms of reliability of the underground works and reduction of construction time“, details there. Two themes that will be discussed during the technical sessions of the World Tunnel Congress in Bergen, norway, between 9 and 15 June 2017. The expert list of the progress : “The evolution of the tunnel boring machines and equipment dedicated to the drilling of the rock and the projection of concrete, among other things, is remarkable. For these facilities, the massive use of information technology has enabled significant improvements in terms of productivity and reliability of the excavation. Whether for scouring of mechanized or conventional, the use of equipment with onboard electronics has increased sharply (…). Similar progress has been made in the area of control of construction work on underground by the use of optical fibers, of information obtained by satellite“. The international Association would be to create a working group dedicated to this last topic.read also

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