Voliris, the French vision of the airship transport

The airships have the wind in their sails : in many societies in the world are working on the future of these aircraft, Voliris, a French entity that has developed an “air shuttle transport automatic of containers”. Discovery.
The homeland of Pilatre de Rozier (the pioneer of lighter-than-air) and Clément Ader (pioneer of heavier-than-air) must have his view of the airship of the future, able to remove and transport heavy loads and large. The company Voliris offers, therefore, “Natac” for “air Shuttle transport automatic of containers”, an airship to lift hybrid that combines the benefits of drones and balloons.


The developers explain : “The envelope has a trilobal shape which gives it a aerodynamic lift in addition to lift aérostatique a result of the use of the gas contained in it“. They highlight the possibility to carry heavy masses at reduced costs : infrastructure required for the soil are reduced, while the absence of staff on board and the flight is automated, can operate the machine from a single technician on the ground. According to its designers, Natac can lift over 30 tons of payload and deliver it over distances of the order of 500 km. The drone-blimp, for its part, can be delivered disassembled, in the world in 10 containers. Once inflated, it suspends the module named “CTLG” to “Container mover & landing gear,” that allow you to place the payload under the aircraft. This component provides functions for handling, landing gear and propulsion. It is in the form of a fuselage double-girder equipped with two turboprop engines and automatically performs the gripping of a container standard “kneeling” at the top of a trailer truck.


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