Vinci Energies is stronger in the telecoms in Spain

Vinci energies, a subsidiary of the group for CONSTRUCTION and concessions, Vinci has announced the acquisition of the Spanish company Acuntia, specializing in the telecommunications infrastructure. Details.
Vinci Energies, a subsidiary of Vinci specializing in energy services and the technologies of information and communication, concluded, on July 5, 2017, an agreement with PFM Capital Investment Fund to acquire Acuntia. It is a Spanish company, specializing in infrastructure and telecommunications, which employs 340 people and has a turnover of € 90 million in 2016, mainly in Spain. The company has for customers “network operators” such as Red Eléctrica and Endesa in the energy sector, as well as major names in telecom, including Orange and Vodafone.


Objective : to strengthen the position of Axians, brand of Vinci Energies


“The company Acuntia is a leading player in Spain in the field of information technologies and communication”, said the group of BTP Vinci, in a statement, without specifying the amount of the transaction. However, the agreement covers the purchase of 85% of the share capital, the balance of the remaining 15% held by the officers of the corporation.


Waiting for the green light from the Spanish competition authority, this acquisition “will further strengthen the position of Axians, brand of Vinci Energies, dedicated to telecommunication infrastructures for network operators or transport data”, concludes Vinci.



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