Villas pontoon scandinavian inspired in the heart of the Vendée

Nestled at 200 meters from the Atlantic ocean, between Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and les Sables d’olonne, five villas have been imagined and produced by Damien Lamy and his girlfriend Marylou in the heart of a property of 1.2 ha. Set on a pontoon and unique houses built on stilts, these ecolodges are designed with a common roof and communicate to each other. Decorated with the image of housing in scandinavia, the calm and serenity are the key words when you go inside. Guided tour.
“The idea of these villas pontoon came in flipping through an architecture magazine. We have found the work of the Finnish architect Olavi Koponen. He had built his holiday home on an island”, says Damien Lamy, owner of the farm Marais Girard. With his wife, they have had direct the coup de foudre for this project. After you have bought an old farmhouse of around 1.2 hectare, the shipyard titanic was able to begin. It is in connection with the architects of nantes Tica that the project has seen the light of day. Nestled in the wildest part of the property the villas pontoons are set on a pontoon together. At 300 meters from the beach and five minutes from the town centre, the farm marais Girard offers exceptional amenities.


Villas labeled “ecolodge”


The red wire followed by the duo ? A responsible eco-tourism. To get the label eco-lodge, the owners have to adhere to a specification. For the older part of the property, it had to be renovated with methods and traditional materials. “I refilled deconstruction material, it is also part of the criteria”, adds the owner.


For the new part, as the villas pontoon, it was mandatory to use materials that are as natural as possible. “We’ve used cork, wood chips, the maximum of natural materials”, details there. All infrastructure installed on the property must be very energy efficient and impact the least possible the ecosystem. This is notably the case of the pool of biodiversity.


Marylou, meanwhile, is passionate about the cuisine to be”alternative”, strives daily to raise the awareness of holiday makers to the respect of the environment.
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Prior to the official opening of the premises in 2014, the site has been divided into two parts, the side of old buildings to renovate on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the construction from A to Z of villas pontoon. The principle of these villas ? A common roof, houses on stilts and a pontoon in common. “They are designed in the form of boxes that communicate with each other”, explains Damien Lamy.


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