VAT fraud and detachments : priority projects of Pierre Moscovici

Among the many priorities set by Pierre Moscovici, european commissioner for economic and financial Affairs, the fight against VAT fraud and the revision of the directive to workers on secondment,-he said.
Two days after the election of Emmanuel Macron, the new president of the Republic, the socialist Pierre Moscovici, european commissioner for economic and financial Affairs, claim that France focuses on four areas of priority : “fiscal credibility, and economic divergence between the countries of the Union, the creation of a eurozone budget, and finally the fight against tax evasion.”


On this last theme, Pierre Moscovici y declines three basic subjects as “the black list of european tax havens, the tax base consolidated tax on societies and finally the fight against the VAT”. According to him, “the leaks are massive because we must ardently fight against VAT fraud.”


Towards the creation of a eurozone budget ?


“I always have the desire to create a budget for the euro zone to re-create a convergence of economic, he said in the introduction to the conference press held on the 9th of may 2017. It would be a tool to mitigate the damage of unemployment and to stimulate investment.” An idea which is according to him “indispensable”. While, stating, on this subject, that he would like to “as staff, to create the position of a finance minister of the euro zone that could faith be a member of the commission and preside over the Eurogroup. Those are ideas shared with the new head of the State,” he also said.


Records already-and-already presented to the new president of the Republic, who will take office this Sunday, may 14.


“On the directive of the posted workers, is nothing new for the moment,” Pierre Moscovici
Interviewed by Batiactu, on the thorny issue of posted workers, the european commissioner for economic and financial Affairs says that “nothing for the moment does not change on the amendment of the directive.” While we understand that the programme of Emmanuel Macron on this topic is a “positive sign” for the coming days in view of an amendment of the directive to posted workers. “But the next president will have to support the proposal of the directive. It will have the political strength to reach a unanimous”, we-a-t-on placed this Tuesday. If the 27 countries failed to reach an agreement, the european Commission could not exclude the implementation, as advocated by the economic Council, social and environmental (CESE), a measure of enhanced cooperation to improve the administrative coordination between States volunteers. A procedure that provides for the membership of a minimum of nine member States of the european Union. In this situation, the directive could then evolve.


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