Two ministers questioned on the matter of asbestos

HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE. Two government ministers, Agnès Buzyn (Health) and Muriel Pénicaud (Work), were arrested in the national Assembly and the Senate on the outcome of the criminal trial of the case of asbestos.
A few weeks ago, the prosecution asked for the end of investigations on a twenty folders on the pane in the criminal case of asbestos. The public prosecutor gave his opinion on the outcome of the procedure, namely, a non-place – which-are not concerned about, more than this, the lawyer of the victims of the asbestos Michel Ledoux.


These days, two members of parliament, during the sessions of questions to the government in the Senate and the national Assembly, returned on the subject with two ministers, Agnes Buzyn (Health) and Muriel Pénicaud (Work).

Tens of thousands of employees, craftsmen, sub-contractors exposed to asbestos


Aline Archimbaud (senator environmentalist) has said, during the questions to the government on 20 July, have been “alerted a few days ago by associations of the victims of the asbestos on the fact that twenty of the criminal proceedings emblematic of the scandal of asbestos were heading towards a non-place at the request of the public prosecutor”. The parliamentary insisted on the fact that “tens of thousands of employees, craftsmen, sub-contractors, have been in contact with asbestos fibers during their working lives, and they are thousands of people who have developed cancers a particularly aggressive which have characteristics that are very specific, and so we can therefore say with certainty that they are related to asbestos”. Hence the incomprehension of the victims and relatives of victims. “A point of view just, moral, ethical, without interfering in the judicial process, the public authorities can’t they take an initiative to give a positive signal to the victims and their supporters overwhelmed by this non-response ?”, asked Aline Archimbaud.


Mp Jean-Paul Lecoq (GDR) also, in the assembly, raised this issue during questions to the government. On the case of asbestos, “there has been an accumulation of mistakes, and said mistakes said to be responsible”, he assené, on July 19. He also recalled that, in Italy, in particular, criminal prosecutions have led to convictions.


In 2016, the 20,000 claims


The representatives of the government have then, in response – and because they can’t not comment on a court decision – a reminder of the existence of the system of financial assistance put in place by the authorities. “In 2016, the 20,000 requests for compensation have been pricked”, has responded to Muriel Pénicaud, minister of Labour. “This is a major issue for the social security, as two billion euros concerned représentents more than 17% of the expenses of the branch AT/MP.” She also recalled the tracks of progress initiated by the State. “In the framework of the project of law for the strengthening of social dialogue, we plan to strengthen the work of the branches in the prevention of drudgery and occupational diseases, this will be included in the competencies prescribed by law for the negotiations of the branches.” The minister also announced that the government would relaunch the three-year plan inter-ministerial launched on January 1, 2016. “The directorate general of labour is mobilised on this subject, in subjects such as the improvement of scientific knowledge and technology, the facilitation of the identification, the development of regulatory, qualification, and training.


Agnès Buzyn, minister of Health, for its part, has responded to Jean-Paul Lecoq, recalling the existence of the Bottom s compensation viictimes d’el asbestos (Fiva) and the plan of early retirement for the persons concerned. “All in all, 18,000 persons have been recognized in occupational disease and 3,700 for the year 2015”, said Agnès Buzyn. “We know that these devices must be improved still, they méritnt technical adjustments in the framework of the new contract between the State and the Fiva. Because the number of these occupational diseases is likely to increase in the coming years, we know that.”

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