Two merchants of sleep lyonnais sentenced to prison

JUSTICE. Two people have been sentenced to prison for having housed individuals in premises that do not meet the criteria of habitability.
Two “merchants of sleep” of the city of lyon have been sentenced to prison, farm for one of them, announced on Wednesday, June 28, the prefecture of the Rhône, which had alerted the justice. The owner of a local industrial converted, without permits, 31 residential premises occupied by “vulnerable” or in an irregular situation, has been sentenced to a year in prison and 30,000 euros fine by the tribunal de grande instance of Lyon.


Flammable products stored on the ground floor


The leased premises do “not meet the criteria for habitability” and “presenting a danger”, explains in a press release the prefecture who supervises the pole department of the fight against the habitat unworthy. In addition, flammable materials were stored by businesses on the ground floor. The premises have been evacuated after a visit to the authorities, informed by a housing demand filed by one of the occupants with an association.


The second owner in question had rented a “local” unfit for habitation” prohibits the lease from 1996. He was sentenced to three months suspended prison sentence and € 1,500 fine.

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