Two companies of the sector CONSTRUCTION penalised for payment delays

Two companies active in the sector construction come to be hurt by hefty fines for late payment.
The DGCCRF has struck again, and this time two times. It has sanctioned financial support for two of the companies in the sector construction, to “delays in payment of invoices” from vendors.


The company “forum building”, specialized in the wholesale of hardware, must as well put your hand in your wallet to the tune of 240,000 euros. The note is more salty even for the group “road Materials ile-de-france”, specializing in the production of serious treated, concrete road and stabilized sands : 300.000 euros.


These fines have been issued, on 27 April, on the website of the DGCCRF.


As a reminder, the legislation caps the payment schedule of contractual business-tobusiness. They must not exceed 60 days from the date of the invoice or 45 days end of month, specific time limits are provided for certain products or services.


The systematic publication of names of companies penalized for delay of payment is a provision which has been made in the law Fir 2, voted at the end of 2016.

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