Trophies Health Building 2017 reveal their winners

Measurement of pollutants, technology of improvement of the air quality, health approach inventive or construction product is an innovative, nothing has been forgotten for the edition 2017, Trophy Building Health Innovations, organized by the association Building Health dr. Suzanne Déoux. The jury announced on Friday, may 12, all of the winners and their favourites.
Taking into account the health in the building is often experienced as a constraint : “It is expensive, it is a standard to be met, this will impede our industrial process…”, summarizes dr. Suzanne Déoux, a specialist in indoor air quality, and chair of the association of Building More Health. “But we need to switch to optical, and take the health as an engine of innovation, “she continued. The subject is not new, since we can go back to the trend hygienist of the 19th century, but the latter did not take into account that the “microbes” while other hazards facing the occupants of buildings, such as radiation or chemical pollutants. “Originally, the Trophies Health Building was related only to the buildings welcoming of children, but today, we incorporate all the innovations proposed, “says the doctor.
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No less than 45 nominations have been sent to the association who is organising the Trophies. The jury, composed of architects, doctors, academics, engineers and representatives of various structures (*) have distinguished four families of solutions : the technologies for improving the indoor air quality (29 % of records), health approaches, innovative (24 %), measurement systems of air quality (20 %) and innovative products (18 %). “To judge very different issues, the major criteria were the expected benefits for the health of the occupants but also of the companions during the implementation of the products, the proven reliability of the solutions, their replicability or industrial feasibility and their exemplary“, lists the doctor Déoux.


Four awards over three favourites !


Thus, in the category of “Approaches to Health Innovative“, it is the United Action-To indoor air Quality, put in place by Sarthe Habitat, which has been rewarded. This project aims to design and realize habitat a respectful social environment, based on technical choices (materials and systems), and awareness-raising actions among the occupants, through operations of communication and platelets. The jury appreciated the commitment of the lessor and the global approach on the entire park, with a character copy which could be developed in the network of the social Union for habitat. A blow of heart has been attributed to the board game Dépollul’Air of the association Oïkos. An educational tool intended to educate children (and large) to the issue of air pollution, indoor and outdoor. Edited 100 copies at the beginning of the year, half of it has already been sold to educators and teachers. A digital version is in development.


For the category “Measures of Air Quality, Innovative“, it is the analyzer In Air µFI, which has been chosen as the winner for its reliability and its precision. The device is capable of identifying a fixed source, or point of pollution, formaldehyde or benzene, and is of interest for the validation or calibration of the other sensors. A coup de cœur prize was awarded to Octopus Lab for its software INCA-Indoor modeling indoor air quality in a building existing or to be built. Developed by two laboratories in Strasbourg and La Rochelle, it enables us to anticipate, by simulation of a pollution problem before it even appears. Interesting detail : it can be integrated in the BIM.


Regarding the “innovative Technologies for improving IAQ“, the jury has chosen the solution Diagram Dynamics of Ciat. It driver units comfort criteria thermal and air quality, taking into account the fine particles. These are more complex to deal with than the VOC, but cause to 14 Bn € per year impact on public health in France. The third and last coup de coeur went to the Workshop Climate for its range of furniture purifying Ardediar. Design or discrete, they filter actively the air to purify it through filters. A simple concept that allows you to create a bubble of comfort air to the occupants of a bedroom for example.
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Finally, in the category “innovative Products“, the only trophy awarded will go to the Bouyer Leroux for his glue Fix Bric, ready-to-use. It brings greater simplicity in construction and provides improved health to the work of companions in decreasing the risk of skin contact with irritating substances or allergenic. The product contains not isocyanate and does not degrade the quality of the air inside the finished building. As for the foam concrete insulation Airium Lafarge Holcim, it has favorably impressed the jury, which stated that the believed 2017 was exceptional by the quality of the files. The official ceremony of presentation of awards will take place on 15 June in Paris, at the conference Challenges in Building Health in the City of Sciences and Industry.


(*) Composition of the jury : Dr. Suzanne Déoux (founder and associate director of Medieco), Dr. Fabien Squinazi (medical doctor, biologist), Souad Bouallala (engineer Ademe), Patrice Blondeau (university of La Rochelle), Claire-Sophie Coeudevez (Medieco), Stéphane Glue (Cerema DT West), Pierre Deroubaix (Ademe), Denis Above (architect, vice-president of the CNOA), Blaise Dupré (director general Codem Picardie), Philippe Estingoy (director-general of the CQA), Alain Ginestet (Cetiat), Nathalie Leclerc (Atmo France), Corinne Mandin (CSTB), Adeline Mélois (Cerema DT Centre-East)

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