Transfer of the RSI to the general scheme : a new organization in the market

REFORM. The minister of Labour and the minister of the Action and of the public Accounts have placed this Friday, July 21, Dominique Giorgi, inspector general of social affairs, a mission of preparation of the reform of the IHR. The representatives of self-employed workers should be involved in the governance of the new organization in place.
Decried, the RSI is currently living its last months. On January 1, 2018, the management of the social regime of independent workers will be transferred to the general regime, according to the promise of the President of the republic. An important step was taken this Friday, July 21, with the appointment to head a mission of preparation of this reform, Dominique Giorgi, inspector general of social affairs.
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This reform will be “driven by the financing law of social security in 2018, for the January 1, 2018” specifies the joint communiqué of the ministers of labour and of the action and of the public accounts, announcing the appointment.


The government promises “rapid improvements and visible”


A mission far from simple, as the topic crystallizes the tensions and whereas the directors of the body current have yet reported recently of their concern and that of their employees, in the face of this deadline. The ministers confirmed in this press release that Dominique Giorgi “will lead this work large-scale with the support of the general finance inspectorate and the general inspectorate of social affairs” and that he will meet with each : RSI, agencies of the general plan and representatives of the self-employed.
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“[Dominique Giorgi] propose a new organization for the Government, which will be particularly attentive to ensuring that it is accompanied by rapid improvements and visible in the quality of services to insured persons”, Agnès Buzyn and Gérard Darmanin.


Dominique Giorgi “will also organize in the best conditions the welcome of the staff of the IHR in the new organization and to involve representatives of the self-employed to its future governance”, indicates the press release.

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