Tower Grenfell : the municipality would have been pressure to reduce the cost

Media british claim that the local municipality has been pressure to reduce the cost of the refurbishment of Grenfell tower, which was ravaged by a fire on 14 June. The quality of the siding, in particular, would have been sacrificed.
The controversy was at its height, Great Britain, about the fire of the Grenfell Tower, London, which was 80 died on June 14, 2017. As well, the BBC and the Times got the documents and testimony indicating that the concerned municipalities (Kensington and Chelsea) have operated “under constant pressure” to reduce the cost of the renovation of the housing tower. As a reminder, this included in particular a thermal insulation from the outside, the pointing of the finger to have been the origin of the very fast-paced spread of the flames along with the building.


The Times states, in particular, be in possession of e-mails revealing that the quality of the covering fire from the tower had been revised downward to save some $ 333 million euros. This is in order to “settle the head of council” local. Thus, the aluminum panels have been preferred to panels in zinc, according to the BBC.


Panels that resisted better to the fire were initially planned


The signs of zinc they would have better withstood the fire ? The BBC reports that a first plan of the renovation involved the use of zinc panels, therefore, framing a heart specially designed to delay the fire (fire resistant).


The british media also report that 149 samples of the cladding of the tower house did not pass the tests anti-fire rushed from the drama.


In France, many towers have been the subject of a renovation from the outside. But, according to many players, the fire regulations there is particularly demanding and protects the buildings better French than it does in the uk.

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