Three technical data sheets dedicated to the acoustics of the exterior woodwork

The Union of Manufacturers of Exterior Woodwork (UFME) presents three new technical data sheets dedicated to the acoustic isolation and soundproofing of the doors and windows. Intended for professionals, they remind us of the essential concepts for the prescription of the right products.
The professional union of the doors and windows multi-materials out three new fact sheets aimed to “know and understand everything about the acoustic of the exterior woodwork”. Written for professionals in the sector, these additional index cards remind us of the essential concepts and key steps of the prescription window.


The first (FT30), attaches to the “Definition of quantities for acoustic and specifies those which are used for windows. It defines for example what are the noise “pink” and “road”, or the measurement of the index weakening (device used, protocol and the expression of the performance in the noise certificates). The sheet also answers questions such as “How to move from R(f) Rw ?” or even “How to switch from Rw to RA and RA,tr ?“. The second (FT31) entitled “Isolation of facade and consequences for the joinery external”. Its purpose is to explain the differences to consider between the index of attenuation (RA,tr) of the product and the index of isolation (DnT,A,TR) of a facade. She presents these two indices and determines the performance of “products” that meet the insulation level of the facade imposed by the regulations with practical examples and to make corrections if necessary. The first two worksheets offer, in conclusion, a glossary of definitions.


How to prescribe the right windows without study acoustics ?


As to the third (FT32), it is entitled : “to Determine the isolation of facade… when the study of acoustics does not exist”. Because in this case, the joiner outside must, in its quality of knowing, advisor speaking via a simple, rules-block for determining the performance of the elements that compose the facade. This document has been prepared by the UFME to allow manufacturers or specifiers of windows to anticipate the information needs of the contractor or the architect, by allowing them to be positioned at the submission of the bid as the council : “Without claiming to carry out a study instead of an acoustician, this card allows the professional to determine the acoustic performance of a window, to implement a façade in which it is required to set the performance to minimum, and give them the keys that are specific to make a diagnosis is a step-by-step“. The card insists on the location of the site and the evaluation of the distances of potential sources of noise, the rating sound infrastructure, the determination of the level of noise in dB and to make corrections as a function of the distance or the angle, relative to the façade to renovate. This latest publication is illustrated with a practical case.


The three sheets will soon be available for download on the site

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