Three giants of the BTP in French chosen for a high-speed line uk

The French groups Eiffage, Vinci and Bouygues have won contracts for the construction of the second high-speed line britain, which will link London to Birmingham, announced the ministry of Transport on Monday.
Three jewels of the French construction have won contracts for the completion of the second high-speed line uk, announced the ministry of Transport on Monday. The project includes the construction of tunnels, bridges, embankments and viaducts. A budget of 6.6 billion pounds (7.5 billion euros) is expected for this high-speed line that will link London and Birmingham.


In detail, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Eiffage Civil Engineering will participate in the work to be performed on the central area. Vinci Construction Grands Projects, Vinci Construction UK and Vinci Construction Terrassement will be required on the area North. According to a source close to the dossier, cited by AFP, all of the contracts won by Vinci, would amount to £ 2.5 billion (2.9 billion euros). Approximately 16,000 jobs are expected to be created in the country. The line is expected to be operational in 2026 and is expected to support more than 300,000 passengers per day. The travel time from London to Birmingham should be reduced to one hour and thirty minutes currently to fifty minutes.


At the end of June, the british authorities had published a short-list of candidates to exploit this future line, and had announced that the SNCF was part of one of the three consortia pre-selected (to a maximum of 30% of the consortium). The date of the decision of the authorities on the winner of the tender for separate had not been specified.


As a reminder, the high-speed railway line from London to Birmingham is only the first phase of the project, HS2, the second step involves the extension of the high speed line from Birmingham in two sections of the north, one to the north-west to Manchester, the other a little more to the east to Leeds. This line will be the second high-speed line in the Uk after the link (HS1) which links London to the Channel Tunnel.

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