Threatened, the RSI does not fall in the arm

INDEPENDENT. While the deletion of the IHR is planned for 1 January 2018, the leaders of the organization have been received at the ministry of Health to discuss the future of the organization. Details.
The appointment was highly anticipated by the administrators of the Social Regime of Independent (RSI), especially since the confirmation of the removal of the regime by the Prime minister at the beginning of the month. On 11 July, they were received by the director of the office of the minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, to address issues critical to the future of the organization. “The representatives of the IGAS, the wanderers to prepare a report on possible solutions, were also present to listen to us“, we told Bernard Delran, Vice-President of the IHR. The leaders of the organization wanted to have answers on the two issues that seem very important for the result. The first concerns the continuity, “what is the RSI will continue to manage ?“, accurate Bernard Delran, and on the governance and what he is going to stay in this ancient entity. But no response has been made.
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At the present time, the head of the IHR simply knows that for the January 1, 2018, “he must have found a different name and legal entity that will supplant the RSI“. A change of name to whom it is favourable on the grounds that it is no longer appropriate and that it suffers from a too bad image. But “what counts for us it is really the continuity and content, “insists Bernard Delran. In this regard, he explains that the facilitators and the ministry have been careful. The directors have also recalled the need to “not call into question the efforts that have been made in recent years” in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, referring to 2008. “We have heard“, however, considers Bernard Delran.


Regular meetings scheduled with the IGAS and to make proposals


The leaders of the IHR were also asked what would happen to the commissions of health and social programmes that manage the support of professionals in case of difficulty. “Who are they going to go“, expressed concern at the Vice-President of the IHR, which has reminded us of the “essential role of the body that nobody sees“.
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Before the submission of the report to the minister, in September, the directors of the agency and rapporteurs of the IGAS, will meet regularly, we stated Bernard Delran. “We need to make proposals and let’s work together“, he adds. He also stressed that the rapporteurs ‘ seemto have integrated the specificities of the independent“.


Waiting to know what happen to the RSI, concerns are growing within the caisses. And a first strike took place on 11 July in Marseille. A phenomenon “that will make oil task” think of Bernard Delran, which finds that executives are restless and cry out for recognition so they mobilize. Other calls to the strike are discussed, for example in Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées. To reassure the board of directors of RSI have taken advantage of this meeting to ask the ministry of Health that he address a press release in this sense the staff of the IHR.

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