Thermal renovation of residential buildings : a report requested by the FFB

COMPLAINT. Published on 10 may, the decree on the obligation to improve the thermal performance of buildings was highly anticipated. But the deadline for its implementation seem to be too short for the FFB which requires a report. Details.
Expected for years, the decree aimed to accelerate the energy renovation of the park tertiary was finally published on 10 may 2017 in the Official Journal. If for Philippe Pelletier this publication was “a triple good news“, the French Federation of the Building is more measured. In a press release, dated may 22, 2017, the FFB calls for “a postponement of the obligations for improvement of the energy performance in existing buildings for tertiary use“.


The professional body “deplores the publication very late in the decree” and believes that this “places the actors in a situation of great concern“. The FFB complains that after “years of waiting and procrastination“, this text has not changed the dates originally in the first version, which gave “a period of 8 years from 1 January 2012“.


Allow work in a realistic time-scale
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For the FFB, “the decree requires the owners of the constraints infeasible“. The text provides, in effect, to conduct “an energy study on a basis which is not defined yet” and that “the order is still pending“, says FFB, and “pass the elements to a public agency not yet designated“. The federation also refers to the obligation of energy savings of 25% prior to January 1, 2020, “an obligation to work is surreal in the light of the capacities of investment needed, “according to her. The FFB adds that, according to the impact study submitted to the Higher Council of Construction and Energy Efficiency, this represents “almost 20 billion euros of new responsibilities to the affected owners by 2020“.


It would be more effective to accompany the project owners in an approach that is virtuous and incentive of energy savings than adopting a posture coercive in a time impossible to keep, “says the federation, which claims, therefore,”a report of the implementation of the decree“.

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