Thermal Installations : two new certificates of qualification profession

To improve the competence for electricity technicians on the thermal facilities or refrigeration, the joint Commission national employment adopted two new Contracts of Professional Qualification. Details.
The joint Commission national employment in the branch of thermal equipment adopts two new Contracts of Professional Qualification (CQP) in order to strengthen the skills of technicians who work on electrical installations thermal, hydraulic and cooling systems. It is of the CQP “Electrothermique” and “Electro-refrigeration”.
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The Federation services energy environment (Fedene) says : “This advanced training offers the opportunity for employees to showcase their acquired skills in this area“. For businesses, these certificates will help to “maintain the quality of services” and to ensure “a level of technology maximum, particularly in the framework of the implementation of the Performance Contracts Energy“.

140 hours of training


The CQP are securities, accepted by the collective agreement or the agreement of branch. Initiated at the request of the employee or his employer, they allow the recognition of specific know-how and certify the skills acquired. They mitigate the lack of qualifications or titles, and develop the business. The two new CQP recognized are positioned at level 4 of the classification matrix of the collective agreement of the thermal equipment. Approximately 140 hours of training are provided, provided in the context of a professional contract, training or a leave for the validation of acquired experience (VAE). They complement two other CQP already existing in the industry : “operating Officer” and “Technician in energy efficiency.”read also

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