The work of Nice’s tramway cause a collapse

An impressive hole of 6 meters in diameter was formed in a street in nice, where are carried out the construction of the tunnel of a future tram line. An incident that did not hurt and that there would be no impact on the buildings adjacent in the direction of the project to the Metropolis Nice-Côte d’azur.
More fear than harm yesterday in Nice. A portion of the rue de France, shopping street in the West of the city, suddenly collapsed yesterday, 4 July 2017, in the middle of the afternoon. A gaping hole of 6 meters of diameter and at least 1.5 metres deep formed and then filled with muddy water, recalling the formation of “sink holes” in the mining towns. Except that there is no mine behind the Promenade des Anglais. The culprit ? The tunnel boring machine that was in the process of drilling the end of the tube of the future line 2 of the tram. Because, unlike the first line (oriented north-south), which travels through the streets of nice on the whole of its route, the second line (east-west) is partly buried. A decision that had controversy since it multiplies the risks, including infiltration at the level of the course of the Paillon, and the costs.
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Nothing to worry about for the Metropolis


The incident occurred in a few minutes, according to witnesses approached by our colleagues at Nice Matin. Shortly after 15h, a thud, and a persistent voice was heard, and then the bitumen collapsed in a few minutes. Luckily no vehicle was passing at the time, but the hole would be perfectly able to swallow up a car or even a small utility. Yet, the Metropolis Nice-Cote d’azur, speaks in a press release as a “minor incident that has nothing to worry about“. A cavity would have destabilized the tunnel boring machine in the excavation, resulting in the collapse found. Laurent Carrere, director of the project Tram in the Metropolis confirms that there would be “no problem on the sidewalks and buildings“. The axe, immediately closed to traffic, is expected to remain so for a few days, time to do the work of filling by concrete injection, and checks their robustness. The workers were at work barely two hours after the incident. The tunnel boring machine, located a few meters deeper, should then resume its task to emerge a little further on, at the end of the street, by the end of the month of July.


There remains, however, that this incident is the most impressive, but not the first, on a project of magnitude. Subsidence of floor and cracks appeared in the upstream side of the boulevards Victor Hugo and… Dubouchage. A name predestined ?
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Route of line 2 of the tramway de Nice © Métropole Nice-Côte d’azur


Line 2 of the tram in Nice :
11.3 km of track, of which 3.2 km tunnel
A total of 20 stations including 4 underground
Creation of a multimodal center (tram, bus, train, plane, car, bike) to the Arenas
Less than 30 minutes between the port and the airport or the centre county administrative
4 minutes between each tram
260.000 persons potentially served
140.000 passengers per day expected
2.400 new trees planted on the plot
Expected reduction in road traffic of 20,000 cars (-5,3 %)
The Extensions provided to the éco-vallée plaine du Var up to the stadium Allianz Riviera and to Saint-Laurent du Var

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