The water of a swimming pool heated by data center

After a major renovation in 2014, the swimming pool of the Butte aux cailles in Paris has just welcomed a new ecological innovations, which will be launched this Monday 15 may 2017. Explanations.
What link can there be between the heating of a swimming pool, and it servers ? No one would think and yet. Heating a pool is expensive and this is not eco-friendly. In the same way, to cool a data center is expensive, and this is not eco-friendly. The Mayor of Paris, anxious to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases, has launched a call for tenders in July 2015 in what sense to heat the water of swimming pools. This is the start-up Stimergy who has found the right idea and won the market.


Thus, the water of the swimming pool of the Butte aux Cailles, in the XIIIe arrondissement of Paris, will be heated by computer servers. The project is to install a data center, which produces a lot of energy, close to the swimming pool. The computing power of servers is used to identify a portion of the heat, which is then converted by a special furnace to heat and partially one of the pools of the swimming pool. Two other basins, and the heaters of the installation, continue, meanwhile, to be heated by the traditional installation connected to district heating.


Célia Blauel and Jean-Louis Missika, deputy Mayor of Paris, and Jérôme Coumet, Mayor of the 13th district, will inaugurate this heating system innovative and unique, for this aquatic area, on Monday may 15, 2017 at 11: 30am.


This installation is projected to save the equivalent of 45 tonnes of CO2 per year, “says Christophe Perron, founder of the start-up, which designed the installation. The company is not at its first attempt since it has already put in place this type of equipment at the University of Lyon, allowing for produce 65% of hot water needs of the gym of the hotel.

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