The UNPI has 7 measures-shock to the housing

The national Union of property owners (UNPI) has press release, April 11, seven emergency measures for the future tenant of the Elysee. It is a matter of “take the arm-the-body housing policy”. The menu, in particular, the deletion of the building permit in an urban area.
“Housing policy seeks a candidate !”, exclaims Jean Perrin, president of the national Union of property owners (UNPI), in the editorial of the booklet just published by the organization. It contains seven proposals to the attention of the next president of the Republic. “For thirty years, housing policy has been to always add more standards, to be taxed still more value, not délocalisable, considered non-productive for the community, and that would be an impediment to employment and mobility,” says John Perrin. The UNPI therefore proposes a change of direction radical.


Delete the building permit in an urban area


It would, for example, to delete the building permit in urban areas. “The local authorities, in preparing their town planning documents, establish already of the constraints and very specific land use”, one can read in the document of the UNPI. Furthermore, “buildings are always allowed, subject to the rights of third parties, this does not prohibit neighbors, if necessary, to enforce their rights. This release on the strength of the building act would provide a boost to the construction of a sensitive way and therefore to decrease the price of building land.” In return, the penalties attached to the illegal construction would be strengthened.


To a housing at a low cost


Then, taking example on the development of low cost airlines, the UNPI calls for the creation of “housing essential to low-cost,” in parallel for high quality accommodation, respecting all rules and regulations. “We believe that it is preferable to house all the inhabitants of our country, even in homes that were less luxurious, than leaving in the street thousands of people who do not have the means to access them.” In this framework, the accessing the property would take on himself a part of the work, and the materials and construction methods, the least expensive would be preferred.


Finally, always in the same spirit of liberalization, the UNPI calls to create a fixed term lease and/or lease it to the test. “One could imagine a lease with a fixed term and, therefore, fixed at the time of signature and ending on the contractual due date without the landlord having to give of leave”, writes the UNPI. With regard to the lease to the test, he would model on the test period in the framework of a work contract. “If, at the end of the trial period, six months for example, the lessor ascertains that the lessee causes any nuisance or does not pay on time his rent, he could end the trial without any compensation or formality. […] If, on the contrary, the lessor and the lessee are one and the other satisfied with the conditions of the lease, the lease, the trial could be transformed into a lease of the common law.”


Read the full proposals of the UNPI on its website.

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