The united States argues for a reconciliation of the articles of association of landlord private and public

On the occasion of the re-election of its president Christophe Tanay, the union of real estate professionals united States has summed up the results of his past actions and announced its roadmap for the years to come. With two main axes : collecting and innovate.
Christophe Tanay has been reappointed president of the union of real estate professionals United to unanimously by its board of directors on 29 June last. The opportunity for him to take stock of its past actions and to announce its roadmap for its future mandate.


And to assert in the first place its weight representative. The united States, and that is today, approximately 55% of the trustees of the condominium, managing almost 4 million prizes on the 7 million existing ; more than a third of companies rental management managing 1.4 million batch ; nearly 1,400 agencies of the transaction, representing about 10,000 agents ; 357 developers and renovators (merchant goods), and 222 experts registered at the Court of appeal.


After having presented the balance sheet of the past three years – marked by their participation in the establishment of the National Council of the transaction and real estate management (CNTGI) and the development of the application decrees of the vocational element of the law ALUR (contract type of trustee, continuing education, etc), as well as tools, such as the platform,”here”, the shared file of the mandates exclusive within the PROVENCE, or, of training programs – the president Tanay has then presented the main lines of his next term. In the coming years, the united States intends to weigh even more in the public debate and to support the industry in its mutations, in particular in technology : “Gather“, to “going further” and “innovate, thinking human and acting digital.”


“Change of paradigm”


The economic and social changes are such that it is necessary to move the lines. With a strong idea : the approximation of the parks, public and private. While the private park is more important than the social, that it provides more social housing, that nearly 70% of privately renting tenants, could pretend to social housing, the re-elected president of the united States, Christophe Tanay, the hammers : “it would be really inappropriate to continue to oppose the two parks.”


In these times of a major policy shift, after the presidential election and, whereas a law, housing and mobility would be in march, the united States argues always for a “paradigm shift.” How ? “By offering the tenant a rent suitable to its resources (affordable housing) and recognizing the lessor quality of the economic agent (producer of affordable housing).” It is necessary, according to him, “mobilizing private savings in the service of a rent affordable.”


“It is necessary to erase the differences between public sector and private sector and between the new and the existing : you have to think in quality of the tenant, to help him and accompany him in his life journey” and think of the regulations for the new and the existing.


Finally, the digital disrupts the codes : the united States intends to accompany the real estate professionals in the making “innov actors” – the title of its Congress in the autumn, and remains attentive to developments in the administrative and regulatory on these matters (leases online, convocation, electronic book, digital building, etc).


Fort of his connection with the association Plurience, which brings together large groups of private donors, the united States “deputy energy and new skills to strengthen its institutional cooperation” and weigh still more, in the public debate.

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