The Union of manufacturers of exterior woodwork opens… on the inside

The sector of exterior doors and windows modifies its by-laws and welcomes manufacturers of interior doors, a activity of a number of its members are historical. The passage the professional organization that represents becomes the Union of manufacturers of windows and doors, all simply.
By opening the inner doors of the Union of manufacturers of exterior woodwork (UFME) will lose its “E”. Patrick Bouvet, the president of the organization explained : “A professional union such as the UFME must evolve to adapt to changes in the professional lives of actors that it represents“. Also, to better match the activities of its members, the Union said it amended its articles of association to incorporate manufacturers of interior doors. The design and production of these doors was a business buoyed by a number of companies already represented.


To reflect this evolution, the first since 2007, which is now called simply “Union of manufacturers of joinery” (UFM), has created a new section “Manufacturers of interior doors all materials” and will ensure its representativeness within the Board of directors. The chairman said : “Our primary mission remains the defence of a joinery quality marked NF and manufactured in France. Our mission and commitment is to assist our members in managing their business“.


The Union relies on its technical expertise, multi-materials to ensure that the regulatory monitoring and standard-setting (fire, accessibility) as well as to develop data sheets environmental health and generic or environmental declarations of products. The UFM also manages an activity indicator based on the monthly volumes of production of its members and it offers a catalog of short professional training to improve the competence of also

  • Cost of technical advice : the UFME engages an arm of iron with the CSTB

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