The Uk wants to amend its fire regulations

The british government has decided to launch an independent investigation with a view to a revision of the regulation related to risk of fire, in the wake of the tragedy of the tower Grenfell.
The british government has announced to initiate an independent inquiry to consider amendment of the regulation related to the risk of fire in residential buildings. A decision taken as a result of a series of tests of fire resistance conducted on hundreds of siding of residential towers, from which it appears that in at least 82 cases, they are not conclusive. A report should be made before the spring of 2018. The same desire has been stated, a few weeks ago, by the ministry of territorial Cohesion, in France.


“The State department has urged the owners of the buildings concerned [that is to say, for which the cladding has not passed the resistance test] to perform a security audit, urgent, and put in place a plan to consider removing the siding and replacing it with another combustibility least, in having, for example, use of a mineral wool insulation”, can be read in the Guardian.


Since the drama that makes 80 dead, all eyes are focused on the thermal insulation system from the outside of the tower to explain the rapid spread of the flames. Across the channel, police is considering to open a prosecution for involuntary manslaughter.

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