The tallest tower in Amman soon to be inaugurated in Jordan

Designed by Architecture-Studio, a tower (188 m rises since its delivery last June in the sky over Amman, the capital of Jordan. It is home to the hotel Amman Rotana, a 5-star hotel’s 412 rooms and suites. Details with Roueïda Ayache, architect of the franco-lebanese in charge of the project.
A new urban landmark in the capital of Jordan. Since its delivery last June, a tower of 188 meters is looming in the sky of Amman, a city of two million inhabitants, and became the first signal iconic urban in the heart of the jordanian capital.


“After a year and a half of design phase, we realized, this building tension, like a bow which houses the hotel Amman Rotana hotel (412 rooms and suites), high-quality establishment attached to the hotel chain emirati Rotana, which has many hotels in the world”, tells us, this Friday, Roueïda Ayache, architect, franco-lebanese, the French agency Architecture-Studio in charge of the master of works and recipient of the project in 2005. The site was started in mid-2010. It was then sequenced in several tranches and was completed this year.


A true landmark in the city with its sun visors aluminum


A true landmark in the city with its sun visors aluminum, this tour “pop-up” is distinguished by its silhouette, sometimes in the shape slender, sometimes profiled “troughs” in the direction of the airport. These focal lengths highlight the anchor of this building of great height with the lower city.


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