The State wants to give to the Mont-Saint-Michel the means of its ambitions

To cope with large-scale projects that affect the Mont-saint-Michel, the State has decided to take over the management of the site by creating a public institution with industrial and commercial character. Details.
The challenges which await one of the most visited sites of France are of sizes, whether they are economic, cultural, touristic or economic. To deal with the “evolution of tourist practices and the risk of erosion” of the site, the State plans to support this ambition. In a press release, dated April 20, the Prime minister said that this should be supported by “a project of sustainable development and global“.
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Based on the proposals made in the report, directed by Philippe Belaval, president of the Centre des Monuments nationaux and Nicole Klein, préfète of the region, Bernard Cazeneuve, has announced two decisions. Starting with the commitment of the State to create a public establishment with industrial and commercial character (EPIC) national du Mont-Saint-Michel. Its mission will be to coordinate the management and development of the site, from parking and transport to the Abbey.


Creation of an EPIC announced
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In the communiqué, the Prime minister explained that “on the economic front, the dispersion of the actors makes it difficult the correct allocation of financial resources made by the two million visitors to the Mont-Saint-Michel” and that this “has led to refer on the only communities the bulk of the expenses relating to the reception of visitors and the operation of the dam that has given its insularity at Mont-Saint-Michel“.


The Prime minister also said that during the phase of creating the EPIC, the State will take over responsibility for the operation of the dam on the Couesnon to continue construction of hydraulic works and environmental monitoring of the Bay, thus confirming the national issue that lies behind these works. This decision will lead the State to provide all of the funding required for the operation of the site, for 2017 and 2018, pending a final decision on the inclusion of this dam in the perimeter of a future institution guaranteeing the management and development of the Mont Saint-Michel. The mission of foreshadowing of this new establishment was entrusted to Adolphe Colrat, Inspector general of Finance, who was also a former prefect of the English Channel.

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