The State does not want more of the former school of architecture of Nanterre

Closed since 2004, the school of architecture of Nanterre, will be finally put on sale by the State. Despite years of discussions with the city, the negotiations have remained unsuccessful. The building, designed by the architects Jacques Kalisz, and Roger Salem, has been in a state of disrepair.
The landscape is bleak. Built in 1970 by the architects Jacques Kalisz, and Roger Salem, the school of architecture of Nanterre is now in a pitiful state. Closed in 2004, the building has since been abandoned and undergoes regular deterioration. A fire having taken place in 2015. Since then, the State, the owner of the site, and are looking to get rid of it and is, therefore, entered into negotiation with the city of Nanterre. In vain. Last may, the public finances general Directorate (DGFIP) was then called the intercommunal Paris West Defense that has renounced to exercise its right of priority.


After years of discussion, the State has therefore decided to sell this property, as revealed by the newspaper Le Parisien on 17 August 2017. “The local authorities, who confirmed that they no longer wanted to become homeowners, the State will be able to stop the become of the property“, confirmed DGFIP daily. For these 10.500 m2, the State is claiming the tidy sum of € 13 million. A sum found to be “irrational, “said the mayor of Nanterre interviewed by the newspaper, which adds:”How can one believe that a small town hall like ours can bring a project in excess of 6 M€?”


A long arm of iron between the city and the State


The newspaper reports : “the status quo is “a scandal” according to the mayor, who wants the institution to be reinvested. In 2007, we placed the site in “reserved location”, in order to make a equipment of public cultural and social advance of the town hall. But the State we were immediately put on notice to buy.” In 2012, the State had planned to build nearly 200 units of social housing, but the city had objected to it by modifying its RAINING. In the meantime a school project of international cuisine, brought by Alain Ducasse, has twice been presented but each time rejected by the State. Even if the site should be sold, the town hall does not give up. “Either we reach an agreement, it is off again for ten years !“, has entrusted the cabinet of the mayor at a daily basis.


Maintain the integrity of the structure of cylindrical metal


The future of this building is also of interest the son of the architect Jacques Kalisz to who he is,”out of the question to destroy a millimeter“. Since 2010, the association of the Friends of the school of architecture of Nanterre speaks to the different protagonists in order to “maintain the integrity of the structure of cylindrical metal, and rehabilitate the facility, “said Serge Kalisz to Paris. But given the cost of the building and the heavy rehabilitation which must be carried out, this represents a colossal investment that the city can support. Who will have the last word ? To be continued…

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