The spire of the cathedral of Rouen envelope of a scaffolding giant

HERITAGE. Rising to over 150 metres high, the spire of the cathedral of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) is simply the highest historical monument of France. For renovations to the tapered part of the building, composed of stone and Corten-iron whose paintings are in the lead, it is a real space of work is closed, suspended over 80 metres, it took design. Guided tour with Jean-Baptiste Spinicci (Tubesca-Comabi) and Jean-Baptiste Mathieu (Lanfry).
Some of the sites are breathtaking by their numbers or their budgets. The Rouen cathedral is in the literal sense of the term. The arrow of the building exceeds in effect the 150 meters of height and are suffering the assaults of rain, wind, sea air, pollution… the elements attack the stones and eat away the metal frame which has replaced the wood in 1825, after a fire. For the safety and renovate, the regional directorate of cultural affairs of Normandy appealed to a group of companies, which Lanfry, a specialist in the restoration of historical monuments, and Tubesca-Comabi, which designs and manufactures scaffolding non-standard.
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Jean-Baptiste Mathieu, director of works for Lanfry (group Monument), explains : “We are an old company from rouen and our big activity is the historical monument, whether it is a renovation, underpinning… We make the size of stone, the frame-joinery, and when a scaffold is complex, we have a long-term partnership with Comabi, which works well“. The company, which occurs on the Northern half of the territory, had already participated in a project on the cathedral of Rouen, during the restoration of the pinnacles being damaged by the 1999 storm. On this new project of renovation of the “tower-lantern”, located on the crossing of the transept, the collaboration was self-evident, as the site will be complex and long.


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