The round Blue Cergy adopts a hue iridescent

REHABILITATION. The iconic tower of Cergy, built in 1972, swapped its delivered concrete blue sky against an aluminum coating with bluish reflections changing. The residential complex is gaining on all fronts : energy efficiency and aesthetic quality. Guided tour with Antoine Felletin, the architect in charge of this renovation.
The tour Blue, built in 1972, has participated in the birth of the new town of Cergy, to the identity of the city. Imagined by Philippe and Martine Deslandes, it is a tower also known as tower of the newlyweds as it was meant to accommodate young couples, for short periods, in small homes“, explains Antoine Felletin. The architect knows the building on the tip of the fingers : it is, in fact, responsible for conducting the in-depth restoration of this iconic building but older.


There was no concern for heat at the time, and thus no insulation, “says-t it. “There had not been a consequent upgrading in 45 years, where the question of a genuine rehabilitation energy from an energy label a label B, “continues the supervisor. But the tower would pose a problem of size : the façade is made of concrete and its interior to the curves. Antoine Felletin reveals : “The interior insulation was impossible, hence the choice of the make from the outside. But it had to be a material capable of being bent with 12 radii of curvature different !“. Hence, the choice of Alucobond, aluminum composite panels, which allow to comply with the original geometry, as faithfully as possible, while protecting the insulation material (24 cm of rock wool). The elements of large dimensions, the products in the factory, are then shaped by the society Vetisol, before to be placed in a cassette by the company STIM Technibat.


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