The public works committees have more markets in 2017

According to the latest economic bulletin of the national Federation of public works (FNTP), the number of contracts entered into between January and may of 2017, is up 9.7% compared to the same period last year.
Slowly but surely, the economy is improving in public works. Thus, between January and may of 2017, the contracts concluded grew by 9.7% year on year. This shows, in particular, the last note of conjonctrue published by the national Federation of public works (FNTP). “Even if the powers of projects of Greater Paris in the first four months of the year partly explain this strong dynamism, most of the specialties and areas people also note an increase of orders”, commented the organization.


2017 may marked by extreme heat


Over the same period, the work carried out are stable at-0.3%, hours worked decline of 3.2%, but the hours interim jump of 11.7%. The month of may has not been very productive, note the FNTP, because temperatures are”very high”. “Non-working hours because of bad weather conditions are in effect higher than 10% to the average level recorded over the month of may.” Another element which has tended to inhibit slightly the activity of this first part of the year, the merger of inter-communal groups, which has “delayed the implementation of construction projects”.


Thus, the Federation will be very attentive to the first governmental measures “in terms of plitique infrastructure and local investment” that will “give visibility” to the sector.

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