The project Lyon-Turin break, too

The rail link under the Alps between Lyon and Turin, part of the projects are paused by the president of the Republic. The time to set budget priorities in the transport sector, says Elizabeth Terminal.
The head of State had announced, on the 1st of July in Rennes, that the priority of his five-year term would be given to transport everyday, rather than major infrastructure projects. After the canal Seine-Nord Europe, it is the turn of the project Lyon-Turin rail link to be the subject of a reflection on a possible break. The Transport minister herself said on 19 July 2017.
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Elizabeth Merely stated, however, the specifics of this project, “funded 40 % by the European Union, but also to 35 % by Italy” and “is part of the trans-european networks“. The decision regarding the action cannot, therefore, be one-sided. It is expected that the Foundation of the mobility should be organised in Paris in the month of September, in order to prepare for a “great law of orientation on the mobility”. This last should then be presented to Parliament to be debated in the first half of 2018. The trade-offs between the different projects (railway links, the new high speed lines, canals, highways) will be made at this time. The minister said : “We will force him to balance forward, year by year, and in the act, our investment programs. And these choice-structuring, which can be difficult as you can imagine, it is the Parliament that will be“.


A project already begun
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To recall, 81 tenders a total amount of 5.5 billion euros were presented to 400 companies there are exactly a month, by the company owner of the tunnel so-called TELT. These markets, divided in to 12 yards (9 for the work, including connections to the existing network) and three related activities (recycling of excavated materials, safety, facilities and equipment) could involve more than 8,000 people, directly and indirectly. Companies are already working on site, since the boring of the gallery, the recognition of 9 km long and was inaugurated on 21 July 2016, by Manuel Valls, in the presence of the representative of the group TELT, and Spie Batignolles TPCI/Sotrabas/Eiffage TP/Ghella/CMC di Ravenna/Cogeis. Nearly 450 workers were already mobilized on site during the peak period.


The announcement of the delay has been welcomed by Eric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble. The latter, who had withdrawn the funding of his city to the project in 2016, evokes “a wise decision“. For him also, “the priority must be given without delay to the maintenance of the rail network everyday, too often undermined, and the work on the lines b“. Daniel Ibanez, who coordinates the fiercest opponents of the project rail link, is even convinced that “the good sense is to stop this project“.

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