The prize winners of the Mini Maousse honor to the City of architecture

From 17 may until 16 July 2017, the City of architecture and heritage is devoting an exhibition to the eight winners of its contest Mini Maousse that the 6th edition had the theme “Living in the temporary”.
After winning the 6th edition of the biennial competition Mini Maousse, the eight winning projects are again put forward. The City’s Architecture dedicates an exhibition from 17 may to 16 July 2017. The opportunity to rediscover these eight architectural projects had appealed to the jury. As a reminder, the candidates had to devise a temporary dwelling to the flexible structure, adaptable, stackable, removable and transportable, in order to meet different situations of inadequate housing.


These winning projects are to be discovered in this exhibition held under the legacy of Jean Prouvé and its engagement with the Abbé Pierre to invent a house capable of being machined to deal with the social emergency, “says the City of Architecture. She adds : “The exhibition proposes to discover the 8 winning projects and the 17 projects mentioned through models, images and elements of architecture. It shows the response of a young generation of architects about an issue of society, made to rediscover the Maison des jours meilleurs Jean Prouvé, and shows the delicate work of the artists Laurent Maffre and Cendrine Bonamy on this issue“.


A copy made to actual size


Among the projects, the students from Nantes called “Wood Stock”. “The project that we have imagined is a kind of Lego to a more human scale, a self-construction allowing the people who will live in the dwelling of the constructing and deconstructing. It is composed of bricks of wood, a metre long, nested, and we can completely change the shape of the house, moving of modules, to adapt to the terrain“, was said Fabien Le Goff at the site of the city of Nantes. “Imagine a habitat emergency was an interesting challenge : we had to propose a project that is non-stigmatising, especially not low-end, with little means“, he also explained.
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By winning this contest, the project will soon be built at scale 1, we had indicated to a member of the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine, co-organizer of the contest with the French Institute of architecture. This is done soon. In the course of construction at Nantes, in partnership with the Ecole supérieure du bois, on the industrial wasteland of the isle of Nantes, a copy of an actual size will be delivered on the 29th of June, and then inhabited by a family.


For easy assembly, enabling the self-building, “Wood Stock” has the originality of being made up of “bricks of wood – douglas, which is resistant to the weather – a metre long, which fit together without glue or screws, “says its co-designer, Fabien Le Goff to the AFP. Hollow bricks are filled with cellulose wadding for improved insulation. To make this habitat of 45m2, the student has benefited from the guidance of engineers from the school of the woods.

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