The prime minister launches an ambitious plan of simplification of standards

COMPLEXITY-SETTING. The first minister has just published an ordinance, applicable as of September, the objective of which is to control the flow and the stock of standards. Several strong measures are planned. Details.
According to information disclosed by the AFP, echoed by many in the media, the prime minister Edouard Philippe, published on Thursday, July 27, a circular establishing a plan for simplification of standards. It introduces in particular a simple principle : for a target is created, it will be necessary to remove two existing – or, if this is impossible, “simplify”. These two old standards will have to be in the same areas of ministry that the new. This text should apply from the 1st September next.


The same text is considering another means of controlling the flow of standards : require the services of each department to contact the general secretariat of the government of the elements allowing it to better draw, so to speak, in real time, “the evolution of costs and savings induced by the production regulations.


The Prime minister launched a hunt for surtranspositions of european directives


Finally, a “particular attention will be paid to the transposition of the european directives”. One aspect addressed in the draft law on the right to error and simplification, which the CPME has recently welcomed. “Any measures going beyond the minimum requirements of the directive is, in principle, prohibited”, stated the prime minister. The prime minister has even launched a sort of hunting surtransposition : “an inspection mission will soon have to charge an unpublished work inventory: all surtranspositions identified (…) and who could not be justified will be the subject of a realignment on the level of constraint required by the european Union.”

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