The plant of tidal turbines to be built in Cherbourg

The construction of the assembly unit of the underwater turbines OpenHydro group (Naval Energy, ex-DCNS) has been started on the peninsula of the Cotentin. It will, in 2018-2019, the future pilot farm at the raz Blanchard, which will include no less than seven machines.
Naval Energy (ex-DCN) and OpenHydro have laid the first stone of the factory of assembly of turbines in Cherbourg (Manche), Friday 21 July 2017. A unit that will produce a series of underwater turbines to 16 feet in diameter, intended to be immersed in an area of strong current. Two machines of this type have already been tested, with more or less success, given the setbacks encountered by this new technology deployed in a hostile environment, off the coast of Paimpol-Bréhat (Côtes d’armor) in 2016.
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The pilot farm at the raz Blanchard, meanwhile, will have no fewer than seven turbines, submerged by 30 metres in depth between the tip of la Hague and the channel island of Alderney. It should therefore attain a theoretical loading capacity of 14 MW and be operational as early as 2019. Naval Energy said : “This windmill farm will be connected to the electricity network at the horizon of 2020, in order to supply electricity to about 13,000 residents“, which is a little more than the population of the new community of The Hague. It is estimated that the park will require an investment of€ 112 Million of which€ 50 Million will be provided through grants, and the other part by the holders of the project such as EDF Energies Nouvelles.


Cherbourg, the 2nd pole of the offshore energies after Nantes-Saint-Nazaire
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The plant, meanwhile, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. It will employ forty people in stride. The group announces : “The construction of this plant is a decisive step in the development of tidal in France and internationally“. On his side, Philippe Bas, the president of the departmental council of the Manche, says : “The political has never been lacking and we continue to work, community and the State, to make Cherbourg a national pole of renewable energies“. Because, in addition to the assembly unit for turbine of a plant for production of blades giant for offshore wind farms must also be built, this time by LM Wind.


Relating to the technology tidal turbine, a fifteen machines with a power of between 0.1 and 3 MW, are today able to produce electricity thanks to the strength of the marine currents of the world, the Sabella D10 in the passage du Fromveur (Brittany) but also two machines OpenHydro in the bay of Fundy (Canada) or other off the coast of scotland (6 MW), japan (2 MW) and the netherlands (1.2 MW). With the entry into service of a fleet of pre-commercial seven machines in 2020, France would resume the edge… if, however, the other nations should not progress, they also.

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