The Pipeline hope a tremor in 2017

After having experienced a year of 2016, where the turnover has stabilised at a low level, the Conduits of France are hoping for a “slight” recovery this year. Details.
Conduits of France, a professional organization that brings together 330 companies specialized in the laying and rehabilitation of pipelines, draw up the economic balance sheet of the previous financial year. The turnover of the sector amounted to 5.2 Bn € 4.8 Bn € for mains drinking water and sanitation and 406 M€ for gas. The activity has therefore stabilised, but at a low level. She had much fallen in 2014 (-6 %) and in 2015 (-8 %), with decreases very marked, of the order of -20 to -30 % in some regions.


The federation is breathing, with increased visibility : the order backlog reaches 3.6 months of activity, compared to only 3.1 months in 2015. But, again, large disparities exist according to the size of the business : it will “2.5 months for the smaller 5.4 for larger“, specify the Conduits of France. They are state of an activity “concentrated more and more on the year“, “the slow start-up of operations, “and many cash-flow problems and payment delays, which results in difficulties of management and of human resources. The time periods are assessed at 56 days for the “classic” and 28 days for the “hidden”, all customers alike. The time limit applicable law in the communities is of 30 days.


A stabilization before a restart


Overall, the changes induced by the act of Our generate always a “wait and see” fort“, note they. However, projects have been able to see the light of day, as in the basin Adour-Garonne, “in which 80 M€ of subsidies have been allocated to the fight against leaks in drinking water networks“. As to the price, the companies continue to anticipate further declines, due to increased competition. Finally, the numbers have stabilized in 2016, after two years of decline in a row, where they were melted by 10 %. The profession brings together 34,000 people, of which 67 % of workers, 22 % of technicians and supervisors and 11 % of supervisors. The Pipeline argue that temporary workers, who were 2.300 in 2015 have been used less in 2016.
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With regard to the outlook for 2017, the federation considers that, far from being a straightforward recovery, it is more likely to be a “tremor“. She explains : “The end of the fall of the investment communities, and even the recovery of the investment, driven by the power of the local municipality, hope to see a slight recovery for the whole of the work to the public. In the field of water and sanitation, which has the particularity of being funded by budgets annexes, themselves powered by water bills, the forecasts must be conservative“. “Wait and see” seems to be de rigueur for The Conduits, who are asking questions about mergers and transfers of skills water and sanitation to public institutions of intermunicipal cooperation.


Pipelines in France :
– 1 million km of potable water network
– 380.000 km of sewage and rainwater
– 195.000 km of pipelines gas distribution
– 35,000 km of natural gas pipeline transportation
– 300 billion euros of heritage networks (estimated value)
– 14 % of the turnover of the TP in France
– 34,000 employees

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