The Overall Solar to pay its PV by individuals

The subscription is open to : the General Solar has launched a crowd-funding to support the development of its activity, whether it is a new photovoltaic parks or the adoption of emerging technologies related to the consumption or storage of energy.
Individuals want to support the projects of green energy but also benefit from it. In the framework of an operation of crowdfunding, the General of the Solar it is therefore proposed to citizens to invest in pv to be associated with the development of the company. The press release explains : “the aim is to mobilise savings in a short circuit, for projects of territory, cost-effective and beneficial to the environment“. Because if the sustainable aspect is a primary motivation of investors, the incentive can also be a powerful engine. The campaign plans so that individuals can lend up to the regulatory ceiling of€ 2.5 Million to the company, at an annual interest rate fixed at 5.15 %. The duration of this loan will be 4.5 years and the repayments of the loan principal and interest will be made every six months. For 1000 € loan, the investors will have received 1.133, € 11 to the completion of this transaction, in December 2021.


Self-consumption, storage and international menu


The subscription was opened, a few days ago, on the platform Lendosphere and more than a million euros have already been collected from 356 lenders. It is a little less than 40 days for interested persons prior to the closing of the offering, guaranteed by Allianz. Daniel Bour, the president and founder of General-Solar explains : “I wanted to associate individuals to the group’s results with crowdfunding, an alternative source of appropriate funding to support our activity. (…) This savings citizen will contribute to the financing of the growth drivers of the pv and General Solar, for the benefit of all of us“. Three main axes will be privileged : consumption, storage, and international development. The company explains already be engaged in the completion of more than 6 MW of installations with storage in areas that are not interconnected (Corsica, overseas) and position on foreign markets in Europe (Uk, Italy, Switzerland), Africa (Cameroon, Togo, Morocco, Senegal, Côte d’ivoire, Ghana, Kenya) and the Middle-East (Kuwait).
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The co-founder of Lendosphere, Laure Verhaeghe, said, ” self-confident “in reaching the goal of 2.5 M€, taking into account the reputation and the strength of the General Solar in France and abroad”. Since the creation of this virtual platform in December 2014, more than€ 14 Million have been raised in order to finance 57 projects in EnR. It should be noted that initiatives of this type can now benefit from the label “crowdfunding for green growth” presented by Ségolène Royal on April 7, 2017.

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