The output of the ” Snapshot “Urban planning and Construction” 2017

READ. The Editions Francis Lefebvre announce the publication, 7 July 2017, the Memento is “Urban planning and Construction” which brings together in a single volume the rights of the urban planning and construction. The paper has a digital duplicate of which the content is continuously updated.
The Handbook on practice of urban planning and construction is published ! This (very) large volume, 1,600 pages, carries out the synthesis of the law of urbanism and construction. Updated last spring, it integrates the latest reforms that impact : ordinance on the environmental impact assessment, environmental licensing of a single act, the architecture and the heritage, biodiversity law, reform of the public procurement code, the implementing decrees of the law Alur…


The book analyzes these regulations in three parts : first, the operations prior to the construction with the town planning documents, the building permit to build or demolish, ZAC, expropriations, tax planning and tax regimes of building land. He then turns to the operations of building and marketing : construction companies, procurement of works, construction and marketing of property, property contracts, special… Finally, it discusses the responsibilities and miscellaneous insurance : decennial, biennial, and damages-work.


The Handbook is supplemented by a digital version, available on tablet, mobile or PC, the content of which is updated at each connection. “It allows for optimum mobility to adapt to the professional life, an easier searching using the search engine and a real comfort of working with many practical features,“says the editor. The book is available for the sum of 145 €.read also

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